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Industrial Design and Wear Parts


Through our involvement with the mining, agricultural and construction industries, we have developed needs-driven solutions for various applications. We have developed a broad range of products for various industries and specialize in custom fabrication.

We use the following capabilities for our product development:

  • 3D Printing
  • Polyurethane Castings
  • Rotational Moulding
  • Metal Castings

      Metal Castings

      Metal casting is a cost effective manufacturing process that allows us to create unique and intricate shapes that are extremely durable.

      Polyurethane Castings

      Urethane Casting is a quick and inexpensive way to produce high-quality, low volume production parts.  Urethanes come in a variety of wide variety of colors which makes urethane casting an ideal choice for branded products that match a company’s colour scheme. We can easily add your company logo to any of our urethane moulded parts.

      Roto Moulding

      HDPE Rotational Moulding is ideal for medium, large and extremely large hollow, thin-walled plastic parts. We can help you with the design and fabrication of the mould for your roto moulded parts.

      3D Printing

      We use 3D print designs primarily for prototyping and producing masters for mould production.